Visualisation of SNOP Zwickau operation and production processes

SCADA (BDE) in Zwickau: powered by PROMOTIC System

PROMOTIC is a SCADA solution from a Czech company. It has interfaces to a wide variety of PLCs. Our Zwickau site in Germany uses Ethernet-linked Siemens Step7 PLCs. PROMOTIC collects data from PLC from different production areas (body shop, hot forming, press) and infrastructure (transformer station, compressed air...). The program visualizes/combines/archives PLC data. Zwickau site uses client/user PCs with (http) browser access to the web pages created by PROMOTIC.
Plant total production overview

What is PROMOTIC used for?
Worker/management and customer effective visualization of production results in the plant. Each screen can be linked to specific equipment but can also show general screens. Production lines in detail with, for example, shift strokes and container filling level as information for forklifts. Web pages are changed automatically and can react to events and fade in (example: tool change).
Energy measurement
Temperature measurements in the halls allow the necessary switching on of heaters to minimize gas consumption. Measurement data will be logged to disc every 15 minutes for later analysis.
Exchange history of one means of production

Production results per shift
- Visualisation of SNOP Zwickau operation and production processes
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