Requery - method of the AdoRecordset object

The method updates the data in the AdoRecordset object by re-executing the SQL query that created the original AdoRecordset object. It reflects all changes that occured in the database (new records, deleted records, modified records).
Empty Requery([Long nOptions])
nOptions[optional] (Long) Specifies how to execute this statement. It can be value of the ADO AffectEnum type.
-1 (default) - (adOptionUnspecified) Non-defined statement - means standard execution (synchronously).
16 - (adAsyncExecute) Asynchronous query, it means that the method does not wait for the operation result.
It corresponds to the ADO adAsyncExecute value.
32 - (adAsyncFetch) Specifies that the rows defined by the ADO Recordset.CacheSize property are to be read synchronously and any remaining rows should be fetched asynchronously.
It corresponds to the ADO adAsyncFetch value.
64 - (adAsyncFetchNonBlocking) Specifies that the main thread will never be blocked while reading is being processed. If the requested row is not read, then the cursor will be moved to the end.
It corresponds to the ADO adAsyncFetchNonBlocking value.
512 - (adExecuteRecord) Specifies that the called query/statement returns a single row, that is in the form of the AdoRecord object.
It corresponds to the ADO adExecuteRecord value.
Contrary to the Resync method, the records are not only synchronized with existing records of the AdoRecordset object.
See also:
- PmaAdo.RsOpen (method)
- PmaAdo.DbExecute (method)
Re-reading the AdoRecordset object, previously created and stored in the PmaAdo object ("/TestAdoDb") with defined identifier ("table1").
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var oDb = pMe.Pm("/TestAdoDb");
var oRs = oDb.RsGet("table1");
if (oRs)

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