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Filter - property of the AdoRecordset object

The property returns or sets a filter for the data in the AdoRecordset object.
The property returns or sets the value of the Variant type that contains a filter for the data in the AdoRecordset object. The filter allows you to select records that fit a specific criteria.
Variant Filter
The Filter property can contain one of the following:
Criteria string: - A text string made up of one or more individual clauses concatenated with AND or OR operators.
Array of bookmarks: - An array of unique bookmark values that point to records in the AdoRecordset object.
The FilterGroupEnum value
0 - adFilterNone Removes the current filter.
1 - adFilterPendingRecords Filter that displays only edited records that have not yet been sent to the server.
2 - adFilterAffectedRecords Filter that displays only records affected by the last Delete, Resync, UpdateBatch or CancelBatch call.
3 - adFilterFetchedRecords Filter that displays the records in the current cache.
5 - adFilterConflictingRecords Filter that displays those records that failed the last batch update.
Property access for read and write.
See also:
Examples of a criteria string:
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

oRs.Filter = "Lastname='Smith'";
oRs.Filter = "Lastname='Smith' AND Birthdate >= #4/10/70#";
oRs.Filter = "Lastname='Jonson' OR Lastname='Johnson'";
oRs.Filter = "Lastname LIKE 'Jon*'";
oRs.Filter = "[Company Name]='Alfred Futterkiste' OR Orders>$300.00";
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