Save - method of the AdoRecordset object

The method saves the AdoRecordset object into the file or to a Stream object. When the method is finished, the current record will be set at the first record of the AdoRecordset object. If there is a filter applied to the AdoRecordset object, then only the "filtered" records will be saved. This method can only be called on an open AdoRecordset object.
Object Save([Variant destination], [Long persistformat])
destination[optional] (Variant) Specifies where to save the AdoRecordset object (the path name to the file or a reference to a Stream object).
persistformat[optional] (Long) The PersistFormatEnum value that specifies the format of the Recordset (XML or ADTG).
0 (default) - adPersistADTG Saves in the Microsoft Advanced Data TableGram (ADTG) format.
1 - adPersistXML Saves in the XML format (Extensible Markup Language).
1 - adPersistADO Saves in ADO's own Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. This value is the same as adPersistXML and is included for backwards compatibility.
2 - adPersistProviderSpecific The provider will persist the Recordset using its own format.
See also:
- AdoRecordset.Filter (property)
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oRs.Save("C:\\\\Data\\\\testdata.dat", 1);
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