GetRows - method of object AdoRecordset

Copies multiple records of the AdoRecordset object into an 2-dimensional array.
Array GetRows([Long nRows], [Variant vStart], [Variant aFields])
a = oRs.GetRows(nRecords, vStart, aFields)
nRows[optional] (Long) Specifies the number of returned records. The default value is -1 = (adGetRowsRest) all remaining records.
vStart[optional] (Variant) Specifies the starting position (Bookmark). If not set, then the starting position will be the position of the current active record. If a valid Bookmark is defined, then it will be used as starting position. It is also possible to use standard numeric constants for defining the start position:
0 (default) - (adBookmarkCurrent) Current record.
1 - (adBookmarkFirst) First record.
2 - (adBookmarkLast) Last record.
aFields[optional] (Variant) A single name, or an array of names or ordinal positions of the fields in the record.
Return Values:
Returns a Variant whose value is a 2-dimensional array.
Reading the data in the form of two dimensional array in the PmaAdo object ("/TestAdoDb"), that is connected to the database (see DbOpen), using the SQL query ("SELECT * FROM table1"). The resulting AdoRecordset object will be stored in the PmaAdo object with an unique identifier ("table1"), as (static) and (readonly). It is tested whether no error occurs and a valid AdoRecordset object was returned. The first 20 records from the current (first record) position are requested with two columns ("name", "value").
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var oDb = pMe.Pm("/TestAdoDb");
var oRs = oDb.RsOpen("table1", "SELECT * FROM table1", "cursor:static;");
var aData;
var aColNames = Pm.CreatePmArray().Array1("name", "value");
if (oRs)
aData = oRs.GetRows(20, 0, aColNames);

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