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AbsolutePage - property of the AdoRecordset object

The property returns or sets a value that specifies the page number in the AdoRecordset object.
This property can be used to identify the page number on which the current record is located. It uses the PageSize property to logically divide the total numnber of rows of the AdoRecordset object into a series of pages, ach of which has the number of records equal to PageSize (except for the last page, which may have fewer records). The provider must support the appropriate functionality for this property to be available.
When getting or setting the AbsolutePage property, ADO uses the AbsolutePosition property and the PageSize property together as follows:
For obtaining the AbsolutePage, ADO first retrieves the AbsolutePosition, and then divides it by the PageSize.
To set the AbsolutePage, ADO moves the AbsolutePosition as follows:
it multiplies the PageSize by the new AbsolutePage value and then adds 1 to the value. As a result, the current record in the Recordset after successfully setting AbsolutePage is the first record in that page.
Like the AbsolutePosition property, AbsolutePage is 1-based and equals 1 when the current record is the first record in the AdoRecordset object. Set this property to move to the first record of a particular page. Obtain the total number of pages from the PageCount property.
Long AbsolutePage
num - page number
Property access for read and write.
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var nAbsPage = oRs.AbsolutePage;   // Reading from the property
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