Supports - method of the AdoRecordset object

Returns a boolean value that specifies whether the AdoRecordset object supports a specific type of functionality.
Object Supports([Long cursoroptions])
cursoroptions[optional] (Long) One or more CursorOptionEnum values that specifies what functionality this method should test for.
0x100 (default) - adHoldRecords Retrieves more records or changes the next position without confirmation all pending changes.
0x200 - adMovePrevious Supports the MoveFirst, MovePrevious, Move and GetRows methods.
0x2000 - adBookmark Supports the Bookmark property.
0x4000 - adApproxPosition Supports the AbsolutePosition and AbsolutePage properties
0x10000 - adUpdateBatch Supports UpdateBatch and CancelBatch methods.
0x20000 - adResync Supports the Resync method.
0x40000 - adNotify Indicates that the data provider supports notifications (specifies whether events of the AdoRecordset object are supported).
0x80000 - adFind Supports the Find method.
0x100000 - adIndex Supports the Index property.
0x200000 - adSeek Supports the Seek method.
0x1000400 - adAddNew Supports the AddNew method.
0x1000800 - adDelete Supports the Delete method.
0x1008000 - adUpdate Supports the Update method.
See also:
- AdoRecordset.Filter (property)
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oRs.Supports("C:\\\\Data\\\\testdata.dat", 1);
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