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Clone - method of the AdoRecordset object

You can use this method to create multiple, duplicate AdoRecordset objects, particularly if you want to edit more than one current record in the AdoRecordset object. This method is much more efficient than creating, opening and closing a new AdoRecordset object equal to the original.
A clone can be created from the AdoRecordset object or a previously created clone.
Empty Clone([Long locktype])
locktype[optional] (Long) The LockTypeEnum value that specifies the lock type.
-1 - adLockUnspecified - The clone is created with the same lock type as the original AdoRecordset object.
1 - adLockUnspecified - The clone is a read only AdoRecordset object.
See also:
- AdoRecordset.Filter (property)
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var oClone = oRs.Clone(-1);
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