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RecordCount - property of the AdoRecordset object

Returns the number of records in the AdoRecordset object.
Long RecordCount
Property access for read only.
In case of an error and if the number of records check is not supported, returns the -1 value. This property is not supported, for example, when using the "forwardonly" cursor, see PmaAdo.RsOpen method.
See also:
- PmaAdo.RsOpen (method)
Detects the number of records in the AdoRecordset object, in the PmaAdo object ("/TestAdoDb"), that is currently connected to the database (see the DbOpen method), by the SQL query ("SELECT * FROM table1").
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var oDb = pMe.Pm("/TestAdoDb");
var oRs = oDb.RsOpen("table1", "SELECT * FROM table1", "cursor:static;");
var nCount;
if (oRs)
nCount = oRs.RecordCount;   // Reading from the property

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