CursorLocation - property of the AdoRecordset object

Returns or sets the location of the cursor service.
This property allows you to choose between various cursor libraries accessible to the provider. Usually can be selected between using a client-side cursor library or one that is located on the server.
Long CursorLocation
3 - adUseClient Uses client-side cursors supplied by a local cursor library. Local cursor services usually will allow many features that driver-supplied cursors may not, so using this setting may provide an advantage with respect to features that will be enabled. For backward compatibility, the synonym adUseClientBatch is also supported.
1 - adUseNone Does not use cursor services. (This constant is obsolete and appears solely for the sake of backward compatibility.)
2 - adUseServer Default value. Uses cursors supplied by the data provider or driver.
Property access for read and write.
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var nCursor = oRs.CursorLocation;   // Reading from the property
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