CancelBatch - method of the AdoRecordset object

The method cancels a batch update. The AdoRecordset object must be in batch update mode when calling this method.
Empty CancelBatch([Long affectrec])
affectrec[optional] (Long) Value specifies which records this method will affect.
1 - adAffectCurrent Affects only the current record.
2 - adAffectGroup Affects only records that satisfy the filter settings (Filter must be set to the FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks).
3 - adAffectAll Affects all records if there is no filter. Affects only visible records in the current chapter if Filter is set to a string criteria. Affect all rows of the Recordset if filter is set to the FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks.
4 - adAffectAllChapters Affects all records in all child AdoRecordset objects, including those hidden by a currently applied filter.
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