UpdateBatch - method of the AdoRecordset object

This method is used to save all changes in the AdoRecordset object to the database.
This method is used when you are working on the AdoRecordset object in batch update mode.
If the save operation fails, then a run-time error occurs and the errors are stored in the Errors collection.
Object UpdateBatch(Long affectrecords)
affectrecords(Long) The AffectEnum value that specifies which records this method will affect.
1 - adAffectCurrent - Affects only the current record.
2 - adAffectGroup - Affects only records that satisfy the filter setting
The Filter property must be set to the FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks.
The adAffectGroup value will generate an error if there are no visible records in the AdoRecordset object.
3 - adAffectAll - Affects all records if there is no Filter. Affects only visible records in the current chapter if Filter is set to a string criteria. Affect all rows of the AdoRecordset object if filter is set to the FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks.
4 - adAffectAllChapters - Affects all records in all child AdoRecordset objects, including those hidden by a currently applied filter.
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oRs.UpdateBatch(Val, 1);
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