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CompareBookmarks - method of the AdoRecordset object

This method compares the two bookmarks.
The method returns the CompareEnum value that specifies the bookmark's relative row positions.
Long CompareBookmarks(Object mark1, Object mark2)
mark1(Object) The bookmark of the first row.
mark2(Object) The bookmark of the second row.
Return value:
0 - adCompareLessThan The first bookmark is before the second.
1 - adCompareEqual The bookmarks are equal.
2 - adCompareGreaterThan The first bookmark is after the second.
3 - adCompareNotEqual The bookmarks are not equal.
3 - adCompareNotComparable The bookmarks cannot be compared.
See also:
- AdoRecordset.Filter (property)
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var nCompare = oRs.CompareBookmarks(mark1, mark2);
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