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RsGet - method of the PmaAdo object

Returns the stored AdoRecordset object with the specified identifier, that has been created previously by calling the RsOpen method.
Object RsGet(String sId)
sId(String) Unique identifier used by the PmaAdo object to store the specific AdoRecordset object.
Return value:
If exists, then returns the stored AdoRecordset object with the specified identifier.
If does not exist, then returns the value null for JavaScript or Nothing for VBScript.
The ADO Record object:
Depending on the specific ADO Provider it is possible, that a single row SQL query result will not be returned in the form of the AdoRecordset object containing a single record, but in the form of the AdoRecord object (represents the single row). However, this is not typical of the most commonly used ADO Providers. The AdoRecord object is usually returned by explicit operations, when the specific AdoRecord is returned from the existing AdoRecordset object. The AdoRecord object consists of multiple AdoField objects, the same way as the AdoRecordset object. The difference is that the methods for moving the current record position are not supported (e.g. MoveFirst).
In order to keep the documentation PROMOTIC simple, it will be referred only to the commonly returned AdoRecordset object, although in some special cases the system may also return the AdoRecord object.
See also:
- PmaAdo.RsOpen (method)
- PmaAdo.RsClose (method)
- PmaAdo.RsIsOpen (method)
- PmaAdo.DbExecute (method)
- AdoRecordset (object)
- AdoRecord (object)
- AdoField (object)
Obtains the AdoRecordset object with table1 identifier from the PmaAdo object ("/TestAdoDb"). It is tested whether no error occurs and the method returned valid AdoRecordset object. Then all records of the AdoRecordset object are checked and the value of the first column of each record are written into the INFO system.
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var oDb = pMe.Pm("/TestAdoDb");
var oRs = oDb.RsGet("table1");
var nLastErr2;

if (oRs)
while (! oRs.EOF)
Pm.Debug("Field=" + oRs.Fields.Item(0).Value);

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