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ADO - tab of the PmaAdo object

Basic settings for database access via the ADO technology.
Database connection parametersDatabase connection parameters by the DbOpen method in the form of ADO ConnectionString text string. The ADO ConnectionString (http://www.connectionstrings.com) contains all necessary parameters needed by the ADO Connection object for database connection via the selected ADO Provider. The typical parameters are represented for example by connection provider (provider), server address (server), database name (database), login name and password (uid, pwd), etc. The parameter list and exact syntax is defined by the corresponding ADO Provider, parameters may differ by individual ADO Providers. However for the sake of compatibility most providers ADO Provider understand multiple names of the main parameters simultaneously (e.g. the database name can be represented by database, data source, dbq, etc.). Caution: The syntax of this string is different than other strings used in the PROMOTIC system, the value and the name are separated by =, not by "colon" (:). Entries with assigned value are separated by a semicolon, for example "provider=SQLOLEDB;server=.\SQLEXPRESS;database=pm_data;uid=pm_admin;pwd=pmadmin;".
This configurator sets the initial value of the DbConnectionString property.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
Values can be edited manually, or can be created by the button on the right, that opens the window for Database connection parameters (connection string).
The defined parameters may not always be valid (for most common cases), it depends on the selected ADO Provider.
"provider:xxx;" (optional) - Specifies which ADO Provider will be used for database connection. It can be the ADO Provider by the Microsoft company, or another ADO Provider can be used, e.g. "provider=MSDASQL;"
MSDASQL (default) - Microsoft provider for ODBC.
SQLOLEDB - Microsoft provider for MS SQL Server.
Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 - Microsoft provider for Access (*.MDB).
"server=xxx;" (optional) - SQL server name, that holds the database to connect to. Depends on the SQL server type. The name usually consists of the computer name (IP address) and server instance name, separated by separator character, for example "server=.\SQLEXPRESS;".
"database=xxx;" (optional) - Database name, e.g. "database=pm_data;".
"dsn=xxx;" (optional) - Name of registered ODBC DSN source. In this case, there is no need to enter the server, database or driver, because all thise information is defined in the registered DSN source, for example dsn=pm_data;.
"driver=xxx;" (optional) - Name of ODBC driver, e.g. driver={Microsoft dBASE Driver (*.dbf)};.
"uid=xxx;" (optional) - User name to be used for database connection, e.g. uid=pm_admin;.
"pwd=xxx;" (optional) - User password, e.g. pwd=pmadmin;.
Additional parameters of database connectionAdditional parameters of database connection by the DbOpen method in the form of a text string. Entries are in the KeyVal format, for example "connect:async;connectiontimeout:30;commandtimeout:60;".
This configurator sets the initial value of the DbConnectionParams property.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
"connect:xxx;" (optional) - Specifies the connection type. The default is synchronous connection, it means that the method will execute the connection and wait for operation result.
async - Asynchronous connection, it means that the method creates the connection request and does not wait for operation result. Corresponds to the ADO adAsyncConnect value.
Caution: Asynchronous programming frequently causes comlications and therefore it is recommended to use the synchronous attitude. If there is a chance, that the synchronous requests may take too much time and there is a possibility of timeout, then it is better to execute all operations in the worker thread (see the PmaSequencer object").
"connectiontimeout:xxx;" (optional) - Specifies the number of seconds to wait before the connection is opened (default is 15 seconds).
"commandtimeout:xxx;" (optional) - Specifies the number of seconds to wait before the command is executed (default is 30 seconds).
Connect to the database at application launchIf checked, then the PmaAdo object will connect to the database automatically at application launch.

Pm9.00.02: New options "connectiontimeout:xxx;" and "commandtimeout:xxx;" in the "Additional parameters of database connection" configurator that can be used to define the waiting time before connection or command execution.
Pm8.01.00: Created
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