Oct - function of language VBScript

Returns a string that represents the octal value of a number.
In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the PmFormat object, see The usage of Radix for formatting numbers into octal form.
String Oct(Long number)
number(Long) Any valid numeric expression.
If number is not already a integer, then it is rounded to the nearest integer before being evaluated.
If number is function returns
Null Null
Empty Zero (0)
Any other number up to 11 octal characters

Octal numbers can be entered directly by preceding numbers in the proper range with &O. For example, &O10 is the octal notation for decimal 8.
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Dim sOct
sOct = Oct(4)   ' Returns "4"
sOct = Oct(10)   ' Returns "10"
sOct = Oct(459)   ' Returns "713"
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