IsEmpty - function of language VBScript

Returns a boolean value indicating whether a variable has been initialized.

In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the method: Pm.IsValid or Pm.GetVarType.

IsEmpty(expression As Variant) As Boolean
b = IsEmpty(expression)
expression(Variant) Any valid expression. However, because function is used to determine if individual variables are initialized, the expression argument is most often a single variable name.
Return Values:
true - If the variable is uninitialized, or is explicitly set to Empty.
false - Otherwise. false is always returned, if expression contains more than one variable.
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Dim Var, bCheck
bCheck = IsEmpty(Var)  'Returns true
Var = Null
bCheck = IsEmpty(Var)  'Returns false
Var = Empty
bCheck = IsEmpty(Var)  'Returns true
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