WeekdayName - function of language VBScript

Returns the name of day in week.
String WeekdayName(Integer nWeekday, [Boolean bAbbreviate], [Integer nFirstDayOfWeek])
nWeekday(Integer) The numeric designation for the day of the week (1-based index). Numeric value of each day depends on setting of the nFirstDayOfWeek setting.
bAbbreviate[optional] (Boolean) Logical value specifies whether the weekday name is to be abbreviated.
If not set, then the default value is false (means the weekday name is not abbreviated).
nFirstDayOfWeek[optional] (Integer) Numeric value indicating the first day of the week (values see VBScript date and time constants).
The default value is vbSunday (Sunday).
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim sDate
sDate = WeekdayName(2, false, vbMonday)   ' sDate contains "Tuesday"
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