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VarType - function of language VBScript

Returns a value indicating the data type of the variable.
In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the Pm.GetVarType method.
Integer VarType(Variant var)
var(Variant) Any variable
Return value:
Returns the values of VBScript constants of data types.
This function never returns the value for Array data type by itself. This value is always added to some other value to indicate an array of a particular type. The value for Variant data type is only returned if it has been added to the value for Array to indicate that the var parameter is an array. For example, the value returned for an array of the Integer type is calculated as 2 + 8192, i.e. 8194.
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Dim n
n = VarType(300)   ' Returns 2
n = VarType(#10/19/05#)   ' Returns 7
n = VarType("VBScript")   ' Returns 8
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