Array - function of language VBScript

Returns 1-dimensional array of values.
Array(arglist As Variant) As Array
a = Array(arglist)
arglist(Variant) Comma-delimited list of values that are assigned to the elements of an array. If no parameters are specified, then an array of zero length is created.

The notation used to refer to an element of an array consists of the variable name followed by parentheses containing an index number indicating the desired element. In the following example, the first statement creates a variable named A. The second statement assigns an array to this variable. The last statement assigns the value contained in the second array element to another variable.

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Dim A, B
A = Array(10, 20, 30)
B = A(1)  'B=20
A variable of the array type can be created directly by the Dim statement. This array can be accessed in the same way. Example
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Dim B, A(2)
A(0) = 10
A(1) = 20
A(2) = 30
B = A(1)  'B=20
Caution: The Array function creates only 1-dimensional arrays. For creating multidimensional arrays it is necessary to use the statement Dim and ReDim.
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