TypeName - function of language VBScript

Returns a string that provides data type information about a variable.

For the purposes of the PROMOTIC system, it is more usefull to use the method: Pm.GetVarType.

String TypeName(Variant var)
s = TypeName(var)
var(Variant) any variable
Return Values:
"Byte" - Byte value (1 byte)
"Integer" - integer value (2 bytes)
"Long" - integer value (4 bytes)
"Single" - Single-precision floating-point value (4 bytes)
"Double" - Double-precision floating-point value (8 bytes)
"Date" - time and/or date
"String" - Character string value
"Boolean" - Boolean value; true or false
"Empty" - unitialized
"Null" - no valid data
"Object" - generic object
"Unknown" - Unknown object type
"Nothing" - object variable that doesn't yet refer to an object instance
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Dim sType, ArrayVar(3), NullVar
NullVar = Null
sType = TypeName("VBScript")  'Returns "String"
sType = TypeName(4)  'Returns "Integer"
sType = TypeName(37.50)  'Returns "Double"
sType = TypeName(Null)  'Returns "Null"
sType = TypeName(ArrayVar)  'Returns "Variant"
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