InStr - function of language VBScript

Returns the position of the first occurrence of one string within another.
In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the Pm.StringFind method.
Integer InStr([Integer start], String string1, String string2, [Integer compare])
start[optional] (Integer) Numeric expression that sets the starting position for each search.
If not set, then search begins at the first character position.
If the compare parameter is specified, then the start parameter is required.
string1(String) Text string being searched
string2(String) Text string searched for
compare[optional] (Integer) Numeric value indicating the kind of comparison to use when evaluating substrings.
If not set, then a binary comparison is performed.
vbBinaryCompare - perform a binary comparison
vbTextCompare - perform a textual comparison
Return value:
0 - string1 is zero-length or string2 is not found or start > Len(string2)
Null - string1 or string2=Null
start - string2 is zero-length
position at which match is found - string2 is found within string1
The InStr function is used with byte data contained in the string. Instead of returning the character position of the first occurrence of one string within another, InStr returns the byte position.
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Dim SearchString, SearchChar, nPos
SearchString = "XXpXXpXXPXXP"
SearchChar = "P"
nPos = InStr(4, SearchString, SearchChar, 1)   ' A textual comparison starting at position 4, returns 6
nPos = InStr(1, SearchString, SearchChar, 0)   ' a binary comparison starting at position 1, returns 9
nPos = InStr(SearchString, SearchChar)   ' binary comparison, returns 9
nPos = InStr(1, SearchString, SearchChar, "W")   ' a binary comparison from position 1, returns 0 ("W" is not found)
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