FormatPercent - function of language VBScript

Returns an expression formatted as a percentage (multiplied by 100) with a trailing "%" character.
In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the PmFormat object, see for example Examples for Float type.
String FormatPercent(Variant Value, [Variant DigitsAfterDecimal], [Variant LeadingDigit], [Long ParensForNegative], [Long GroupDigits])
Value(Variant) Value to be formatted
DigitsAfterDecimal[optional] (Variant) Numeric value indicating how many places to the right of the decimal are shown.
The default value is -1 (= the computer's regional settings are used).
LeadingDigit[optional] (Variant) Constant specifies whether a leading zero is shown for decimal values
-1=vbTrue - show
0=vbFalse - hide
-2=vbUseDefault - use computer default setting
ParensForNegative[optional] (Long) Constant specifies whether or not to place negative values within parentheses
-1=vbTrue - to place within parentheses
0=vbFalse - not to place within parentheses
-2=vbUseDefault - use computer default setting
GroupDigits[optional] (Long) Constant specifies whether numbers are grouped using the group delimiter specified in the control panel
-1=vbTrue - grouped
0=vbFalse - not grouped
-2=vbUseDefault - use computer default setting
If one or more of the optional arguments are omitted, then the values for the omitted arguments are provided by the computer's regional settings.
All settings information comes from the Regional Settings Number tab.
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim sPercent
sPercent = FormatPercent(2 / 32)   ' sPercent contains "6.25%"
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