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Filter - function of language VBScript

Returns an array (zero-based index) containing subset of a string array based on a specified filter criteria.
Array Filter(String InputStrings, String Value, [Boolean Include], [Integer Compare])
InputStrings(String) 1-dimensional array of strings to be searched.
Value(String) String to search for
Include[optional] (Boolean) Logical value indicating whether to return substrings that include or exclude Value
true (default) - function returns the subset of the array that contains value as a substring
false - function returns the subset of the array that does not contain value as a substring
Compare[optional] (Integer) Numeric value indicating the kind of string comparison to use.
If not set, then a binary comparison is performed.
vbTextCompare (default) - perform a textual comparison
vbBinaryCompare - perform a binary comparison
If no matches of Value are found within InputStrings, then the function returns an empty array.
If input strings are Null or is not a 1-dimensional array then error occurs.
The array returned by the function contains only enough elements to contain the number of matched items.
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Dim nIndex, aFilter( 2)
aFilter(0) = "Sunday"
aFilter(1) = "Monday"
aFilter(2) = "Tuesday"
nIndex = Filter(aFilter, "Mon")   ' nIndex(0) = "Monday"
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