CStr - function of language VBScript

Returns an expression that has been converted to a value of the String type.

In the PROMOTIC system it is better to use the Pm.StringFormat method.

String CStr(Variant expression)
s = CStr(expression)
expression(Variant) Any valid expression. The value in expression specifies what is returned according to the following table:
Boolean - a string containing true or false
Date - a string containing a date in the short-date format of your system
Null - a runtime error
Empty - Empty string ("")
Other numeric - Text string containing the number

The conversion functions can be used e.g. if you want some operation result to be expressed as a particular data type (rather than the default data type). For example, use CStr to force the result to be expressed as a String.

You should use the CStr function to provide internationally aware conversions from any other data type to a value of the String type. For example, different decimal separators are properly recognized depending on the locale setting of Windows system.

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Dim nDouble, sString
nDouble = 437.324
sString = CStr(nDouble)  'sString contains "437.324"
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