onCellTextChange - event of object PmgWTable

The event is triggered when edited text is changed. It is used for immediate change of just edited text and thus it allows to check data yet on editing. The event is triggered just after the onCellEditRequested event and before the onCellEdited event.
pMe(Object) Reference to the PmgWTable object where the event rises.
nRow(Long) Row of edited cell (zero-based index, counted including the fixed part).
nCol(Long) Column of edited cell (zero-based index, counted including the fixed part)
sOldText(String) Old text before calling this event.
sText[for read and write] (String) Edited and requested text. The setting depends on the value of the bChange parameter.
sErrorText[for read and write] (String) Enable to enter a text of the error message, for example wrong password, etc.
bChange[for read and write] (Boolean) Enable to optimize editing: if the value of the parameter is changed to true, then the sText text is set, otherwise it isn't.
bShowAlertDialog[for read and write] (Boolean) If is set to true, then a warning window appears with the text entered in sErrorText.
This event is not functional yet for Web panels.
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