Dim - method of the PmgWTable object

Initial table configuration.
Empty Dim(Long Cols, Long Rows, Long FixedCols, Long FixedRows, Integer CellWidth, Integer CellHeight, Long Interaction, Boolean Grid)
Cols(Long) The number of all table rows (counted including the fixed part). See Cols property.
Rows(Long) The number of all table rows (counted including the fixed part). See Rows property.
FixedCols(Long) The number of fixed table columns. See FixedCols property.
FixedRows(Long) The number of fixed table rows. See FixedRows property.
CellWidth(Integer) Default column width. See StartWidth property.
CellHeight(Integer) Row height. See StartHeight property.
Interaction(Long) Control type of the table. See Interaction property.
Grid(Boolean) Enable drawing grid of non-fixed cells. See Grid property.
This method deletes complete content of the table.
This method is also functional in Web panels.
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var oTable = pMe.Items("/Table");
oTable.Dim(5, 20, 1, 1, 40, 15, 1, true);
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