PmgWTable - Deatiled object description

See: the PmgWTable object.
This object serves for displaying and possible for editing any data in the table form.

Rows and columns of the table are indexed from 0, i.e. 5th row (column) of the table has the index 4.

In order to change properties of a particular cell or all columns and rows (e.g. by using the methods SetCellText, SetCellForeColor, ...) it can be used universal parameter values Col (= column) and Row. These two parameters can be used to address a single cell, whole column or whole row.

If we work with the table in the interactive mode 1 - 3 (Interaction), then it is possible to move in it by the focus (marked cell).

The marked cell is the cell marked (it differs from others by the graphic) by the user in the running application (e.g. by clicking the mouse). It can be set (get) by the FocusedRow and FocusedCol properties.

Method for reading and displaying data:
- static: All data for displaying are read into the internal buffer of the table and these data are displayed. Filling up by the SetCellText method.
- dynamic: The usage of the onDataUpdate event; on each request to display data only those data that correspond to just displayed cells, are read into the internal buffer of the table.
For moving the focus (marked cell) the following keys are defined:
- left key: move by one cell to the left
- right key: move by one cell to the right
- up key: move by one cell up
- down key: move by one cell down
- Home: move to the first cell of the row
- End: move to the last cell of the row
- PageUp: move by one page up
- PageDown: move by one page down
- Ctrl+PageUp: move to the first cell of the column
- Ctrl+PageDown: move to the last cell of the column
- Enter: beginning and end of editing the cell
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