Variables of graphic item

The graphic item variable is used as aid for creation of user added item properties.
The variable is an Object type. This object has only a single property:
ValueThe variable value. Property access for read and write.
Access to the item variable:
- by the PmiItem.Vars method. For example

oItem.Vars("MyVar").Value = 3.14

- by the identifier #vars.

pMe.Items("/text1/#vars/MyVar").Value = 3.14

The variables are used, for example, for data binding: Data binding GP - Binding to the property of graphic item.
The variables can be created in any graphic item on the Variables page.
The variables may be of following data types:
- String - there Macro expression can be entered here ($.text, $.par ..)
- Integer
- Double
- Boolean
- Color - Text string of the RGB String type
- Font - text identifier of the font, e.g. "PmMiddle"
Data bindings in variables:
- In each variable the data binding can be created.
- If it is written to this property and if this property is linked to the data binding PP, AP, SP, OP or GP, then the value is transferred also into the source of this binding.
Preset variables in the PmiRoot item:

In each PmiRoot item, there are always two preset variables:

- BackroundColor: Background color of the panel
- FocusColor: Outline color rendered around the selected item
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