onStart - event of object PmiItem

The event fires on the construction of the item in the course of opening the panel. The event can be used, for example, to the initial initialization of the item or to the initial data transfer into the item.
pMe(Object) Reference to the graphic item where the event rises.
pEvent(Object) A referrence to object describing detailed information about the specific event.

The pEvent parameter is not used here because this event does not need any additional information.

This event is also functional for Web panels.

In this event it is not possible so far to use methods (properties) that access the window content over the PmPanel object, for example pMe.PmPanel.X, etc. Calling can be replaced, for example, by the functional calling the pMe.Items("/ItemName").

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PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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