Methods - page of item PmiItem

On this page either the designer's methods of the graphic item.
NewOpens the Method window, where new method can be added.
DeleteDeletes the marked method
EditOpens the Method window, where the marked method can be edited.
Further methods can be added to the object on this page. Correct usage of these methods very simplifies and makes the application more readable.
Any number of methods can be defined in this page. A definition of just one method can be found on each line of the list (that is on the top left). These methods can be then called by the PmiItem.Methods property.
Method parameters:
pMe(Object) Reference to the PROMOTIC object, where the method is defined.
pResult[for write only] (Variant) Output parameter that is used for method output value.

Available only for methods written in VBScript language. For JavaScript language the return value is set in return statement.

Parameters defined by designer(Variant) It is used as passed parameters when calling the method. These parameters are defined in the Parameters configurator.
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