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Registered font manager of the application

This configuration window can be opened in the graphics editor:
- in the context menu "Edit / Edit application fonts" or
- by Ctrl+T key

In this window all fonts are displayed that are available while editing panel in the application.
If none of these fonts suits to the application requirements, then it is possible to add new font, eventually to change setting of already existing font.
Only those fonts that are installed in Windows OS, can be added.
By clicking the Add or Edit button the next window opens where all possibilities of font types from Windows OS are offered.

The PROMOTIC application contains 6 basic fonts (all of the Arial type) when created.
Each font is defined by the font type, mode, style, size and script. It means that, for example, various sizes of one font type are defined as separate fonts.
- PmSmall
- PmSmallBold
- PmMiddle
- PmMiddleBold
- PmMiddleItalic
- PmBig
ListList of all registered fonts of the application.
ExampleThe example of the text with the selected font.
AddAdds new font.
Opens the Font selection window, where one of system fonts has to be selected, and its size and other properties has to be set.
EditModify selected font from the font menu of the application.
Opens the Font selection window, where individual font attributes can be changed.
DeleteDelete the marked font of the application.
ExportSaving the list of fonts into the XML disk file.
ImportRead the list of fonts from the XML file into the application.
See also:
- PmgString.FontId (property)
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