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Pmg object edit menu

This menu is opened by clicking the mouse the icon (Pmg object edit menu) in the toolbar of the graphics editor.

Menu items:
- Undo (Ctrl+Z): Cancel the previous panel configuration changes.
- Redo (Ctrl+Y): Redo the configuration changes that have been discarted by the Undo function

- Copy (Ctrl+C): Selected Pmg objects will be copied into the Windows clipboard
- Cut (Ctrl+X): Selected Pmg objects will be moved into the Windows clipboard
- Insert into the object PmgRoot (Ctrl+V): Inserts objects from the Windows clipboard into the PmgRoot object.
- Paste special (Ctrl+Shift+V): Opens the Insert Pmg objects window to select various options for inserting objects from the Windows clipboard.
- Remove (Del): Removes selected Pmg objects
- Select all (Ctrl+A): All Pmg objects in the panel will be selected
- Copy the whole graphics: Copies the whole graphic content into the Windows clipboard
- Paste the whole graphics: Pastes the whole graphic content from the Windows clipboard
- Copy into new PmgPrototype object ...: Opens the "Copy into new PmgPrototype object" configuration window for setting the copying parameters of the PmgBox object into new PmgPrototype object.
- Convert to the PmgBox object: Converts the PmgInstance object to the PmgBox object.

- New Pmg object ... (Ins): Opens the "Pmg objects preconfigurations" window.
- Change position of Pmg objects (M): Activates reposition mode of selected Pmg objects
- Change size of Pmg objects (R): Activates resize mode of selected Pmg objects

- Find Pmg object: Search for Pmg object based on selected properties
- By name ...: Search for the Pmg object according to its GetPathName method
- By type ...: Search for the Pmg object according to its Object type property
- Find text ... (Ctrl+F): Search for selected text in all Pmg objects

- Export: exports Pmg objects or the whole graphic panel into selected XML file
- Edited panel ...: exports the whole graphic panel
- All Pmg objects ...: exports all Pmg objects in the panel
- Selected Pmg objects ...: exports selected Pmg objects in the panel
- Import ...: imports Pmg objects or the whole panel from selected XML file

- Application fonts ... (Ctrl+T): Opens the "Application fonts" configuration window
- Edit the PmgRoot object ...: Opens the configuration window for editing the PmgRoot object.

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