GraphInit - property of object TrendsView

Returns the initializing object of the tvGraph type for drawing the trends process or the trends values.
GraphInit As Object
Set o = oTView.GraphInit
Property access for read only.

By this object the drawing isn't performed, the object serves only for setting the values. On each calling the AddTrend, InsertTrend methods (or on the creation of a new tvTrend object in the runtime mode of the PROMOTIC on the edit pages of the trend viewer), i.e. that on the creation of a new object of the tvTrend type copying all properties of the GraphInit object into the tvTrend.GraphDefault object is performed, which results in the fact that if no other changes of the tvTrend.GraphDefault object properties are made, then all such newly created tvTrend objects are graphical drawn according to setting the objects that were copied from the GraphInit objects.

If the property in the tvTrend.GraphDefault object is changed consequentially, then this change ISN'T backward copied into the GraphInit.

Setting the Color property of the initializing object of the tvGraph type.
Dim oGraphInit
Set oGraphInit = oTView.GraphInit
oGraphInit.Color = "#00ff00" 'color setting by RGB String
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