onTrendParamsChange - event of object TrendsView

The event fires on viewer start or if basic parameter of one of the tvTrend object type has been changed (if an object of the tvTrend type is created or deleted or the change is in the properties: tvTrend.GraphDefault.Color, tvTrend.ValueMin, tvTrend.ValueMax, tvTrend.Name, tvTrend.Unit or tvTrend.ID).

In this event, it is handy, for example, to use script to set the properties of other items (e.g. trend headers - of the PmTable object) that are supposed to change based on the current status of the trend viewer.

pMe(Object) Reference to the PmiAx object that owns this ActiveX. The reference to the ActiveX object itself can be obtained by the pMe.Acx expression.
bInit(Boolean) If this parameter is true, then it signals that this event is called for the first time (on start).
PROMOTIC 8.3.21 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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