onTimeChange - event of object TrendsView

The event fires when begin or end time of viewer changed.
pMe(Object) Reference to the PmiAx object that owns this ActiveX. The reference to the ActiveX object itself can be obtained by the pMe.Acx expression.
rangeType(String) Type of the time axis range change
"minmax" - Both the left end the right time was changed, new values are in timeMinNew and timeMaxNew parameters.
bZoomChanged(Boolean) Attribute informing that the time axis range has been modified or shifted.
timeMinNew[for read and write] (Date) Begin (from) new time
timeMinType[for read and write] (Long) Time type of the timeMinNew parameter. The parameter has the same values as in the TimeSetType property.
timeMaxNew[for read and write] (Date) End (to) new time
timeMaxType[for read and write] (Long) Time type of the timeMaxNew parameter. The parameter has the same values as in the TimeSetType property.

Each change in setting the time of the left or right viewer border (e.g. by calling the ScrollTime and ZoomTime methods, the autoscroll tick or by moving the time axis by an user - dragging the mouse) automatically calls the request for the data by tvTrend objects and fires the onReadData event.

During calling this event the request for the data from the tvTrend objects hasn't been sent yet (if they are connected to a server) and also the onReadData event hasn't been fired yet. The timeMinNew and timeMaxNew parameters can be changed in the event and thus the behavior of the viewer can be influenced.

The original time can still be read from the TimeMin and TimeMax properties before moving the time axis in the event script.

This event is fired also while the trend viewer is being initialized during panel opening.
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