TimeZoomMaxForPoints - property of object TrendsView

Maximum limit for setting the range (length) of the time axis of the viewer for displaying points in the trend progress. If the current range of the time axis (the difference TimeMax - TimeMin) is less or equal to the value of this property and the PointsVisible property is set, then the points are displayed in the trend progress.
TimeZoomMaxForPoints As Variant
oTView.TimeZoomMaxForPoints = n
number value - The length is set as a real number that means the number of days (e.g. 0.5 means a half day). The value -1 means that the maximum limit of setting the range is not restrained.
string value - The time span can be set in text form. In this case it is represented by a real number followed by the the time unit identifier (sec,min,hour,day). Example: "1.5sec", "1min30sec".
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Maximal time axis range for displaying points [sec]" configurator of this object. It is used only if the graph mode is set. When reading from the property, the numeric value is always returned. Initial value is set to "1min".
oTView.TimeZoomMaxForPoints = 1/24/30
oTView.TimeZoomMaxForPoints = "1.5min"
oTView.TimeZoomMaxForPoints = "1hour30min"
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