TimeMin - property of object TrendsView

Time of viewer left edge. The preset value is the value of the current time decreased by one hour.

If the time is set, then it is expected according to setting the TrendsView.TimeSetType property, i.e. "local time", "standard time" or "daylight-saving time".

TimeMin As Variant
t = oTView.TimeMin
Property access for read and write.

In order to make the modification visible after write, it is necessary to call the Draw method.

If at once TimeMin and TimeMax is entered, then it is suitable to call the ZoomTime method with the parameter nType=1 for setting both values than to set both TimeMin and TimeMax properties.

If a relative time interval is displayed by the time axis (the date is not shown, on the time axis there is the time, for example from 0 sec to 10 sec), then the time must be set explicitely with stating the data type, oTView.TimeMin = CDate(0), oTView.TimeMax = CDate(10/24/3600), which corresponds to the range of the time axis from 0 to 10 seconds.

If the table mode is set, then the bottom part of the table viewer is set to current time. Value TimeMax has no meaning.

Time has to be entered in the "local time" (the "standard time" in the standard season and the "daylight-saving time" in the daylight-saving season.):
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var oTView = pMe.Acx;
oTView.TimeSetType = 1;
oTView.TimeMin = t;  //local time
Time has to be entered as the "standard time" even in the daylight-saving season:
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oTView.TimeSetType = 2;
oTView.TimeMin = t;  //standard time
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