onDataTrendReady - event of object TrendsView

The event fires when viewer got data from server. The data are intended for the tvTrend object whose tvTrend.ID property equals the value of the sTrendID parameter. The event fires after receiving and processing the data by the tvTrend object.

After a request for the data was sent - the onReadData event fires (e.g. scroll the time axis), the event fires so many times how many tvTrend objects are connected to a server (for each tvTrend object once).

pMe(Object) Reference to the PmiAx object that owns this ActiveX. The reference to the ActiveX object itself can be obtained by the pMe.Acx expression.
sTrendID(String) identification of the trend object that obtained the data from a server. See tvTrend.ID
Sending the request for the data and receiving the data (together with invoking this event) proceed asynchronously, i.e. after sending the request the viewer operates further, it is controllable, ... After the server processes the request, it sends the result back to the viewer and the viewer processes it (the viewer doesn't wait for processing the data by the server, the data can come to the server even with a delay depending on the quality of the connection).
PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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