AddServer - method of object TrendsView


Registration of the server into the viewer.

The local server (the viewer is in the same application as the server) needn't be located by calling this method, it is always located automatically by the viewer if it is accessible.

AddServer(sID As String, sPurpose As String, sTitle As String, sAddress As String, [sUser As String], [sPassword As String])
oTView.AddServer "", "pmtrendserver", sTitle, sAddress 'access needn't be authenticated
oTView.AddServer "", "pmtrendserver", sTitle, sAddress, sUser, sPassword 'access must be authenticated
sID(String) Must be empty string "" (reserved for the identifier of the trend server) must be entered obligatorily
sPurpose(String) One of the two possible values must be entred.
"pmtrendserver" - Registration of the server into the server list in the viewer. This list of accessible servers is then displayed if the user dynamically adds new trend into the viewer in the runtime mode. See methods for displaying the configuration of trends in the viewer: DlgTrends, tvTrend.DlgProperties.
"cfg" - Configuration server registration for this trend viewer. When calling the LoadCfg method with sCfg="input:xxx" parameter, the configuration groups transferred from this server are added into the group configuration window.
sTitle(String) User name of the server. This text is displayed to the user.
sAddress(String) Server address. The same text as the vServer parameter of the tvTrend.Connect method. For example "http://computer/syst/trend/local".
sUser[optional] (String) Authorized user. Enter only if the server requires the authentication of the permissions. See the PmTrend > Permissions page.
sPassword[optional] (String) User password. Enter only if the server requires the authentication of the permissions.
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