TimeToDbNetV - method of the AtouchX object

Converts time from VB or JS format to DbNet format.
The DbNet information system stores the date and time with the precision 1sec as the number seconds since 1 January 1980 midnight. The value is stored at 32-bits and with it it is possible to define a range from 1.1.1980 to 7.2.2116.
Integer TimeToDbNetV(Variant DateTime, Long DbNetTime)
DateTime(Variant) The value of converted time in (VB - Date, JS - double).
DbNetTime[for read and write] (Long) Variable where the result of conversion in the DbNet format is stored.
Return value:
DbNet time 1238246520 is equal to time 2019.03.28 13:22:00.000 (43552.5569444444).
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var oATC = pMe.Pm("/AtouchApp").Acx;
var nDateTime = 43552.5569444444;
var mData = Pm.CreatePmMap();
mData.ParValue = 0;
var nState = Pm.CallAxMethod("", oATC, "TimeToDbNetV", nDateTime, mData);
Pm.Debug("AtouchX.TimeFromDbNetV " + mData.ParValue);   // DbNetTime = 1238246520
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