EndNetIdentify - event of the AtouchX object

The event is triggered after the end of reading the identification strings.
The event notifies the end of reading identification strings. It presents the user with the number of the station from which the strings were read, the result of the communication, the user-defined Param parameter, and the strings read (in case of successful reading).
In the case of a successful read, the event creates the DATA variable as a 1-dimensional array of size 3 elements. The elements of the array are of the String type or Variant/String according to the setting of the VariantOnly property.
Station(Integer) Number of the station from which the identification strings were read.
Result(Long) Communication result
Param(Long) The value entered in the NetIdentify method.
DATA(Variant) Read identification strings.
The content of the matrix where Apl (true/false) is the value of the parameter in the NetIdentify method:
true - application identification tring
Info(0) - The first application identification string (specifies the application designer in the station).
Info(1) - The second application identification string (specifies the application designer in the station).
Info(2) - Generated PSE identification string containing in the order: application file name, application compilation date, PSE version that performed the compilation.
false - system identification strings
Info(0) - Hardware manufacturer name
Info(1) - Names in the order: hardware name, name of the Windows OS, name of the communication protocol.
Info(2) - Versions in the order: hardware version, version of the Windows OS, version of the communication protocol.
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if (Result < 1024)
var aData = Pm.CreatePmArray();
Pm.Debug("AtouchX Station=" + Station + ", \"Info(0)=\"" + aData.GetItem(0) + ", \"Info(1)=\"" + aData.GetItem(1) + ", \"Info(2)=\"" + aData.GetItem(2));
Pm.Debug("AtouchX Station=" + Station + ", event EndNetIdentify = Error !!");
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