LocalGetData - method of the AtouchX object

Reads the value of the whole database variable from the local database (without communication).
The method reads the content of the whole db. variable and returns its value in the DATA variable. The reading is done without communication from the local database on the computer.
All reading and writing of db. variables is done through the local database, so the read value corresponds to the value of the last reading or writing of the database variable.
Integer LocalGetData(Long WID, Variant DATA)
WID(Long) WID of the database variable for reading.
DATA(Variant) Variable where the read data is stored.
Return value:
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var oATC = pMe.Pm("/AtouchApp").Acx;
var nWID = 2005;
var mData = Pm.CreatePmMap();
mData.ParValue = 0;
var nState = Pm.CallAxMethod("", oATC, "LocalGetData", nWID, mData);
var val = mData.ParValue;
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