NetIdentify - method of the AtouchX object

Reads the station identification.
The method reads the application or system identification strings of the station. The reading is asynchronous, after the reading is finished the EndNetIdentify event is triggered, which reports the result of the communication and the read identification strings. The Param value is also passed to the event, which is used by the user for identification.
If The station is not running an application (bootloader is running), then the application identification strings are identical to the system identification strings.
Integer NetIdentify(Long Station, Boolean Apl, Long Param)
Station(Long) Number of the station from which the identification strings are to be read.
Apl(Boolean) Flag whether to read application or system identification strings.
true - Application identification strings are read. These include two strings specified by the application creator in the station and one PSE-generated string containing the application file name, the date the application was translated and the version of the PSE that performed the translation.
false - System identification strings are read. These contain a string with the hardware manufacturer name, a string with the hardware name, name of the Windows OS and name of the communication protocol, and a string with the varsions of hardware, of the Windows OS and of the communication protocol.
Param(Long) The value that is passed unchanged to the end of reading identification event.
Return value:
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var oATC = pMe.Pm("/AtouchApp").Acx;
var nStation = 2;
var nParam = 50;
var nState = oATC.NetIdentify(nStation, true, nParam);
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