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EndNetCompose - event of the AtouchX object

The event is triggered after the end of the write when the database variable is written sequentially.
The event notifies the end of the physical writing of a database variable or matrix during the sequential writing process. It presents the user with the WID of the database variable being written, the result of the communication, and the user-specified Param parameter.
WID(Long) WID of the database variable that was read.
The WID value corresponds to the specified value (plain WID or WID including the station number) in the NetComposeEnd method.
Result(Long) Communication result
Param(Long) The value entered in the NetComposeEnd method.
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if (Result < 1024)
Pm.Debug("AtouchX.EndNetCompose " + WID + " OK");
Pm.Debug("AtouchX.EndNetCompose " + WID + " Error !!");
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