StationPlug - event of the AtouchX object

The event is triggered when the connection status of the station or the PC changes.
The event notifies a change in the connection status of the station or PC. It presents the user with the number of the station affected by the change and the type of hardware connection, the type of hardware connection affected by the change, the new connection state, and the user-defined Param parameter.
The HWType parameter is bit oriented. The lower 12 bits (D11-D0) specify the hardware connection type (according to the ahwXXXX constants) and the upper 4 bits (D15-D12) specify the fixed network segment number.
Station(Integer) Number of the station (and PC) whose connection status has changed.
HWType(Integer) Hardware connection type. If the connection state of the station changes, it is the hardware connection type that the Station is connected to. If the PC connection state changes, it is the hardware connection type whose state has changed.
Status(Integer) New (current) connection status.
Param(Long) The value entered in the StationSet...Plug. methods.
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Pm.Debug("AtouchX.StationPlug Station=" + Station + ", HWType=" + HWType + ", Status=" + Status + ", Param=" + Param);
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