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EndNetGetData - event of the AtouchX object

The event is triggered after the reading of the database variable is finished.
The event notifies the end of reading a database variable or matrix. It presents the user with the WID of the read database variable, the result of the communication, the user-specified Param parameter and the read data (in case of successful reading).
If the database matrix (the whole or only a part of it) was read, then the event creates the DATA variable as a 2-dimensional array. The elements of the array are of the type corresponding to the type of the database variable being read or of the Variant type.
WID(Long) WID of the database variable that was read.
Result(Long) Communication result
Param(Long) The value entered in the NetGetData... methods
DATA(Variant) The read content of the database variable or matrix.
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if (Result < 1024)
var nVal = DATA;
switch (WID)
case 1026:
val = DATA;   // action write DATA to PROMOTIC from WID 1026
case 1033:
val = DATA;   // action write DATA to PROMOTIC from WID 1033
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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