SaveToString - method of the PmaDataTable object

Creates a string value from selected data item values of the object.
String SaveToString(String sType, Variant index)
sType(String) Type of selected values in the table:
"Row" - One row of the table is selected. The index value must be an integer:
- index>=0 means the index of the selected row (zero-based index).
- index=-2 means the last row.
"Col" - One column of the table is selected. The index value must be of the String type or of the Integer type:
- If it is of the String type, then it is the column name.
- If it is of the Integer type, then index>=0 means the index of the selected column (zero-based index), index=-2 means the last column.
index(Variant) Index into the table whose meaning is defined by the sType parameter
For the form of the text value see the description of the PmaData.SaveToString method. For assignment of values from the variable of the String type (opposite method to the SaveToString) serves the PmaDataTable.LoadFromString method.
The sString variable is set by the content of the last table row:
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var oDataTable = pMe.Pm("/DataTable");
var sString = oDataTable.SaveToString("Row", -2);
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