EndOfTransfer - method of the PmaDataTable object

After the method calling, the onEndOfTransfer event is triggered with parameters: pEvent.Source = 0 (i.e. local source) pEvent.Error = 0 (i.e. without error).
Empty EndOfTransfer()
Calling this method is suitable, for example, if you want to process the data of an object on one place. If the data are received from the communication or if the data are locally set, and then the EndOfTransfer method is called, then the data can be processed in the same way in the onEndOfTransfer event.
Calling the method is synchronous, it means that at first the algorithm is performed in the onEndOfTransfer event and then it is continued on the statements after calling the method.
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At first the data of the object are set and then the EndOfTransfer method is called as the indication that everything is ready and that the data can be processed in the onEndOfTransfer event.
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var oDataTable = pMe.Pm("/DataTable");
oDataTable.SetCellValue(0, 0, 8);
oDataTable.SetCellValue(1, 0, 3.1);
// . . .
oDataTable.SetCellValue(4, 4, 12.3);
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