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GetColParam - method of the PmaDataTable object

The method returns the parameter (name, data type) of the selected column.
Variant GetColParam(Variant Col, String sType)
Col(Variant) If the value of the parameter is the number >=0, then it is the column index (zero-based index).
The -2 value means the last column of the table.
If the value of the parameter is of the String type, then it is the column name.
sType(String) Type of the parameter that has to be found out
"Name" - The method returns String - name of the column
"Index" - The method returns Long - column index (zero-based index)
"Dt" - The method returns Integer - data type of the column (see VBScript constants of data types).
Detects the name of the second column:
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var oDataTable = pMe.Pm("/DataTable");
var sName = oDataTable.GetColParam(1, "Name");
var sIndex = oDataTable.GetColParam(1, "Index");
var nDtType = oDataTable.GetColParam(1, "Dt");
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